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Instant access to online materials created for the industry, by the industry, to identify relevant skills for workers in food and beverage processing.


Use the online materials for creating or redesigning training programs, updating curriculums, and identifying transferable skills in the industry.

With your subscription, download National Occupational Standards, essentials skills profiles, language benchmarks, skills assessment checklists, job descriptions, and more tailored for job positions in:




Research & Development


Food Safety

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Available Online Tools


A common language to describe skills the industry needs from workers and educators need to design a curriculum.


Used to evaluate an employee’s work performance, demonstrated skills, and areas for improvement.

Essential Skills

Essential skills refer to the basic competencies and knowledge that all workers need to perform their job.

Job Descriptions

Help develop effective job postings for recruiting qualified staff or planning your career in the food processing sector.


Online courses to build the skills and knowledge needed for specific roles in the food processing sectors.