Developing National Competency-based Occupational Standards for the Food Manufacturing Sector

Raising the Standards is an innovative project, providing the food manufacturing sector with competency-based national occupational standards that will ensure safe practices and professionalism amongst Canada’s workforce for decades to come.

Raising the Standards is part of a larger comprehensive human resource strategy being implemented by the Council. The initiative includes:

  • The development of 20+ occupational standards;
  • 13 essential skills and job descriptions;
  • Occupation-specific certification program model; and
  • A pan-Canadian accreditation model.

By the summer of 2016 the food manufacturing industry will have the first and largest database of food manufacturing skills in Canada.

What does an NOS Competency Standard do for me?

National ‘competency-based’ occupational standards establish a clear understanding of job expectations and set a benchmark to recognize workforce skills.

Competency standards have a wide range of human resource development applications, from creating job descriptions and educational programs to recognizing training and expertise through accreditation and professional certification programs.

The use of competency standards by the sector will lead to the development of a professional workforce that will have the skills, knowledge and abilities to meet the demands of a dynamic food industry!

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How do we evaluate, compare and improve ourselves when we are working?

Whether you are an employer, a worker, a student or an educator, National Occupational Standards are a useful tool! Standardized-benchmarks are the best way to ensure consistency within the Food & Beverage Processing Industry.

By clearly describing all functionalities of a particular occupation, we can prepare suitable training materials to ensure that appropriate tools are in place to address areas of need. In other words, we all use one common set of criteria, from which to evaluate against.