The industry’s first benchmark for required skills

FPSC is proud to host and maintain the first National Online Skills Library for the Food and Beverage Manufacturing industry!  Available online and on the App Store and Google Play, the Skills Library will provide employers and workers access to hundreds of documents, including National Occupational Standards, essential skills, job descriptions, skills assessment checklists, language benchmarks, and more for job positions in:

  • Food Safety
  • Equipment & Facilities Maintenance
  • Research & Development
  • Food Production
  • Supply-chain & Logistics
  • Marketing, Sales, HR and Finance

The Council documents, reviews and safeguards the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the Food and Beverage Processing Industry in Canada.

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What is a National Occupational Standard?

A National Occupational Standard (NOS) is a document that is used consistently to ensure that job tasks in the industry are performed adequately by staff, at the right level of skill and understanding.

An NOS outlines the essential tasks, level of expertise and knowledge requirements as defined by food and beverage manufacturing companies. Companies agreed upon these job requirements, thus becoming standards for the industry.

Develop Training and Assess Workers’ Skills with Occupational Standards!

Once an individual meets the standard, they attain a professional designation. We, as sector council, certify that workers and professionals working or wanting to work in food and beverage manufacturing companies meet the job requirements. We accomplish these by creating and administering exams that assess how individuals meet the job requirements set in the National Occupational Standard.

The Canadian Certified HACCP Professional (CCHP) is a National designation, certifying individuals in their expert HACCP skills

HR managers, business owners and employers in the Canadian food and beverage industry can use the job requirements (standards) to create:

  • Job descriptions;
  • Job postings;
  • Training and succession plans;
  • In-house training; and
  • Performance assessment forms.

In-house industry trainers, private trainers and colleges and universities can design training and curriculum activities based on standardized job requirements, thus responding to the needs of the workplace.

For more information about HACCP certification contact:

Dayna Poulin, Manager of Training Development & Communications

Phone: (613) 237-7988 x226

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