Coming next for the Food & Beverage Processing Sector:

Learning Recognition Framework

In 2018, FPSC developed a draft Learning and Recognition Framework (LRF) Model for the food processing sector. To do this, the FOOD SKILLS LIBRARY, a nationally validated mapping of required skills and competencies across job tasks and levels in the industry, was created. These competencies have been organized into the Learning and Recognition Framework providing a clear path of learning for an individual and an overview of required skills for food processing organizations.

Within this framework, for the first time anywhere, FPSC will integrate education and training with industry needs present and future by clearly defining each and every qualification (e.g. certificate) included within this comprehensive structure.

Learning Recognition Framework Report

This report outlines a first draft of a Learning and Recognition Framework for the Food Processing Sector. The process to develop this framework began with extensive research into training frameworks in North America and Internationally. The features of, and guiding principles behind, Learning and Recognition Frameworks currently in place for the food processing sector in Canada and around the world were identified and analyzed. These principles were used as the basis for developing the first draft of a Learning and Recognition Framework for the Food Processing Skills Canada (FPSC) in Canada. These principles were applied during the analysis of the FPSC’s Master Competency Framework to develop the draft framework. This first draft of the framework was presented, discussed and approved at an in-person meeting with FPSC staff on February 22nd 2018.