Increasing standards and food safety one designation at a time

Providing training opportunities and areas for growth in the industry is part of our mandate here at FPSC. Your success and growing knowledge leads to the advancement of the industry, and provides safe products for Canadians. We hope to assist you in this advancement by providing these designations and certifications.

Our designations give food processors across the country a chance to enhance their careers, and build on their expertise. Each involves registering and evaluating your qualifications, using our up-to-date resources for study purposes, an online exam, and certifications. Join our mailing list to be the first to know about upcoming and present designations that are available to you.

Canadian Certified HACCP Professional (CCHP)

As Canada moves towards the implementation of the Safe Food for Canada Act, coupled with the growing scrutiny from consumers and buyers about food safety practices, the demand for improved safety programs in food manufacturing facilities means that certified HACCP professionals will be more accountable than ever before! A Canadian Certified HACCP Professional (CCHP) can make all the difference in ensuring safe food for everyone.

A Standard of Excellence

The CCHP designation recognizes individuals that demonstrate both knowledge and skills in all eleven major skill areas contained in FPSC’s National Occupational Standard (NOS) for a HACCP Professional. This competency-based Standard was developed by industry professionals and subject matter experts to reflect actual workplace conditions and current issues effecting the HACCP occupation.

This designation verifies that a HACCP Professional is competent when measured against the Core Competency Profile which is contained within the National Occupational Standard for HACCP Professionals. The NOS describes the skills, knowledge, abilities, and attitudes that are expected of proficient and experienced HACCP practitioners in Canada.

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