FPSC Membership Categories:


Recognized federal or provincial food/beverage processing companies, cooperative or trade unions representing industry workers that are directly involved in conducting food processing operations. Regular Category members are entitled to become a Member of the Board and receive full voting privileges. Regular members are segmented based on the size of their operations:

Regular Class 1 – $99.00CDN
Small food and beverage processing establishments, with a team of 1-25 employees. Small establishments could include family-run operations, new businesses,  and well-established companies with efficient teams.

Regular Class 2 – $199.00CDN
Medium sized food and beverage processors, with a team of 26-99 employees. The class includes experienced companies with established customer bases, could include processors who are developing new product lines or in an expansion phase.

Regular Class 3 – $299.00CDN
Large sized food and beverage manufacturers, with a team of 100+ employees. This class encompasses well- established companies with multiple brands or product lines, driving industry growth.


Any organization(s), individual(s), or student(s) who are not directly involved in conducting food processing operations, but are committed and actively contribute to the overall advancement of the food and beverage processing industry. Examples Include: educational institutions, associations, equipment & sanitation suppliers, packaging/storage companies, sanitation, students, consultants, laboratories, trading and rendering companies.

Associate Members are entitled to participate with non-voting representation at Annual General Meetings and to receive discounts on products, events, and services. In addition, Associate Members may serve as a director of the board in an ex-officio capacity.

Associate Class 1 – $299.00CDN
Educational institutions, industry councils & associations, vendors and suppliers, as well as other supporting organizations dedicated to furthering the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Organizations of all sizes are accepted in this class.

Associate Class 2 – $79.00CDN
An individual or private consultant working in the food industry and dedicated to industry advancement and seeking to engage in industry activities. Participant cannot be representing a specific food processing establishment.

Associate Class 3 – $25.00CDN
Post-secondary students or recent graduates seeking to engage in the food processing industry, through an FPSC student membership.