If you have questions throughout your Pre-Arrival process, please browse the following FAQ for answers. You may also contact us for further information.

Please wait until you have your Permanent Residency Number in your possession before applying. This number is a requirement for the program.
The program and course fees are all covered by the Government of Canada. It is entirely FREE for all participants!
Every participant will have a maximum of 30 days to complete the program; however you are able to finish earlier depending on how fast you complete each course.
Notify FPHRC if you need to quit. After this, you may return back to the program, but only before you immigrate to Canada.
As long as you have achieved Permanent Residency and have not yet arrived in Canada, you are eligible.
No, the program is only available online through FPHRC. You must have access to daily internet.
With your new skills, and the high demand to fill over 800 jobs in Canada, your chances of attaining employment are high!
Keep at it! You must pass every course in order to move forward. Pay close attention to the program guide and information, continue studying, and try again.
Congratulations! From here, you can expect to receive a package in the mail, rewarding your efforts. In this package you will receive certificates, a transcript containing your grades, a list of skills you now contain, and more. Take these skills on the go once you have moved to your new home and are on the job search.