Intervenez dans notre industrie

Les membres de l’industrie et du grand public peuvent participer à la plus importante industrie manufacturière du Canada. Découvrez comment vous pouvez tirer parti de nos connaissances :

Faites équipe avec le CTAC

Nous avons besoin de vous! Lorsque vous faites équipe avec nous, vous pouvez contribuer de manière positive à un de nos nombreux projets, fournir des commentaires et nous aider à prendre des décisions difficiles. Ces diverses options signifient que tout le monde peut participer, depuis des employés débutants jusqu’à des professionnels de l’industrie.

Hautement respectés, les membres du conseil d’administration guident la manière dont le CTAC est perçu dans l’industrie et au Canada. Grâce à eux, notre conseil peut jouer un rôle de premier plan dans l’industrie et apporter des changements importants.

Tous les membres de notre conseil d’administration répondent à des exigences spécifiques. Veuillez communiquer avec nous pour connaître ce que sont ces exigences et ce que vous devez faire pour siéger à notre conseil d’administration.

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Become a Training Provider

If your business wants to make a difference in training future or current food and beverage professionals, we want your assistance as a Training Provider. With this partnership, FPHRC will provide you with the best in training products and qualified instructors.

Contact us to receive more information, and a detailed Training Qualification Package which outlines what is required of every FPHRC Training Partner, the licencing fee, an application, and instructions for submission.

Download the Training Qualifications Package
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Be an Industry Partner

Collaborate with us on different ideas or products. Using our combined experience and resources, FPHRC and its industry partners are able to come up with innovative tools and projects to benefit the industry.

We are currently partnered with a number of organizations, inside and outside of the food processing industry. If you believe a partnership between FPHRC and your company would benefit others, contact us today!

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Teach an Industry Course

Approved FPHRC instructors are responsible for teaching our many courses throughout Canada. Our training programs are designed to help the public build their skills for rewarding careers, or to assist a food company with further training and skills development with current staff. Instructors are experienced professionals in HACCP, Quality Insurance, and much more.

Forward us your updated resume and goals you wish to achieve as our next instructor.

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Join a Project Committee

Our valued committee members offer their industry expertise on a number of our projects in development. Travel is required in order to oversee the development process, and provide feedback where necessary.

General Committee Requirements:

  • 5 or more years’ experience in the food industry
  • Be a manager or senior manager
  • Knowledge of current trends and occupations within the food processing industry
  • Able to commit your time and effort, including travel, for advisory responsibilities

Click below for specific committee requirements, and to learn about current opportunities:

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Provide Your Expertise

Do you have experience that could benefit our organization or an upcoming project? Your knowledge or experience in the industry could lead to the further development of a multitude of projects and products by participating in surveys, interviews, focus groups, and much more.

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Become a Project Consultant

Project Consultants are vital to the development of new industry projects. Their attendance at events, conferences, and meetings is vital to the further development of food processing and solving its human resources issues.

Consultants need to dedicate their time and effort in gathering research and communicating with FPHRC about their findings and how it will benefit the industry. Contact us today if this sounds like you

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If you think you have something else to offer, let us know! We have opportunities for everyone.

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