This program was developed to assist newcomers from all walks of life, from all over the world. Still not sure if it can help you? Read about some of our graduates’ experiences below.

“I decided to apply for the advanced level of the program because I am passionate about the food and beverage industry and would like to build a career in an alternative field, having worked and lead teams for 12 years in the global oil and gas industry.

The course was long so it felt like a great accomplishment upon completion. I attended my online Graduation ceremony, hosted by the Food Processing HR Council. I was proud of myself and what I had accomplished. The staff at FPHRC were very supportive and helpful. I am now more aware and knowledgeable about food safety and practices in Canada. The program definitely prepared me for employment opportunities in Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing industry.”

Jessica Odiawe (Norway)
“When we were accepted as Permanent Residents in Canada, we were really excited about how wonderful it could be to start a new life in this country, but at the same time we realised that we would need to start over because no matter how experienced and recognised our titles were, we had to build a new road for us in Canada.

Having worked for almost 5 years as a Quality and Safety Manager, the program allowed me to use my current set of skills, and understand how to apply them in the promising and strong Food Industry. It also prepared me for the Canadian Workplace, such as what employers will expect of you and what you can expect from the work culture. Although it wasn’t easy to complete the program due to all the travel arrangements, I finished on schedule. It felt like my first relevant accomplishment in Canada.

I highly recommend all new immigrants who want to pursue a successful career in Canada to enroll in the Pre-Arrival Food Safety Management Training Program and lean on FPHRC’s support.”

Diana Marcela McCormick Garcia (Colombia)
“When I searched for courses in Canada related to my education, Marketing and Human Resources, I came to realise that I can perform well if I look for jobs in food production. I attended a webinar about the Pre-Arrival Food Safety Management Training Program and was very impressed with the amount of vacant jobs present in the Canadian industry. I started to think that I could make my future bright in the food processing sector.

The Food Processing Human Resources Council gave me a helping hand with resume building, and a treasure of knowledge about how to prepare for job interviews. I am very thankful for this kind of help as a new immigrant.”

Vishek Vij (India)
“I heard this about this program from a Canadian Immigrant Integration Program Session that organized in my home country. I decided to take the PAFSMT Program because I am very passionate about food. This is a very valuable course available for free online so I decided to take part.

In order to complete the program, I worked on the courses everyday, 6 to 8 hours in the night and early morning when my kids were sleeping and I was not at my job. I was very happy, excited and confident when working to complete the program.

After I finishing, I am more aware about food safety practices in Canada. The program prepared me for employment in Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing industry.”

Jayshri Patel (India)
“I thought that this was a good program created to get an idea of the Canadian food industry, and the issues around the industry. Even though I work in services consulting, I sincerely feel that my passion lies in the Food Industry.

My family was very supportive of my desire to work on the program. I learned about the billion dollar food and beverage industry and the value of hygiene, best operating practices, document management, sanitation, and Quality Assurance. I made time to complete the program courses by keeping a routine, and using a checklist.

The program has certainly prepared me for employment in the industry. My next steps are being able to meet the wider community in the food processing industry, as shared by FPHRC.”

Karishma Sinha (India)

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