Is this industry for you?

The food and beverage processing industry is Canada’s largest manufacturing sector responsible for approximately $92 billion worth of manufacturing shipments, accounting for over 2% of national GDP.  The industry employs upwards of 260,000 people across 10 food subsectors/commodities.

Providing a safe food supply for all consumers, at home and abroad, is a fundamental part of the way this industry does business. A dedicated workforce is the secret behind this success, accommodating motivated and committed team members. Each member must be committed to safety, have an outstanding work ethic, and enjoy teamwork.

With hundreds of employment possibilities, the Canadian food and beverage industry is an excellent route for a new Canadian to begin a career path. The introduction below will allow you to review the ins and outs of our industry, as well as get a glimpse of what your new life and career will be like.

Use the experience you gained from previous careers

The food and beverage industry is accommodating to thousands of people from all different backgrounds. Whether you have experience in pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, agriculture, business or retail, there is a position in this industry for you!

The Canadian Meat Industry

Canada’s largest subsector, meat, has a huge demand for jobs. Manufacturers are in need of committed employees who will perform well and stay motivated.

Work and live in one of our amazing provinces and territories!

Canada’s provinces and territories each have plentiful opportunities for great work and social lives. Take your pick at which is best for you!

Education and the Food Processing Industry

We are a big country, with excellent post-secondary programs across hundreds of institutions. If you’re looking to either begin or expand your knowledge and skills in food and beverage, start here: