Food employers, are you having trouble sourcing qualified workers?

As an employer in the Canadian food and beverage processing industry, you can also benefit from the NEW Pre-Arrival Food Safety Management Training Program! Confidently grow your team, while saving time and money on training, recruitment and retention. It’s the perfect match: you’re a food business looking for workers and our fully trained new Canadians are ready to join your team!

Thousands of skilled workers are needed to fill an influx of in-demand jobs in our industry. With this FREE 21 course training curriculum, valued at over $5000, new comers will leave their home country with 9 Canadian food safety certifications, and a strong understanding of what it’s like to work in Canada. All program participants are required to have Confirmation of Permanent Residence.

You need workers; we got ‘em!

  • Lower on-boarding costs
  • Easy to recruit, through program channels

  • Eager participants with high retention
  • Direct contact with participant
  • Confirmed Permanent Residents
  • English level CLB 4 or higher
  • Live/ online interviews

  • View online Graduation Ceremonies
  • Check out roster of program graduates
  • Pre-trained & ready to work
  • 21 Course curriculum, valued at $5k
  • 9 Canadian certificates

Preview Our Graduates

Click here for a complete list of graduates and their profiles

Get involved with the Food Safety Management Training Program for New Canadians today! Complete the following form:

Participate as a food manufacturing employer, get started by:

  1. Creating a job opportunity for a position in your company
  2. Send the opportunity to our program administrators at, to be promoted to our networks
  3. Check out the roster of new comers featured in the online graduation ceremonies
  4. Schedule “virtual” interviews with potential candidates
  5. Make a formal job offer and welcome a highly skilled & knowledgeable new comer to your team!

For a full list of courses, see the program curriculum and course outlines for more information.