Training Qualification Program for Training Partners and Independent Instructors

Our series of training courses were developed to meet the specific needs of the industry in changing times and respect the maintenance of voluntary national industry standards, as applicable. We partner with organizations and instructors across Canada to deliver each FPSC training course.

Our training may be delivered through a network of qualified institutions or instructors, such as:

Training Partners

Such as: colleges, industry associations, private training organizations, and companies running multiple courses.


Qualified Instructors

Such as: independent consultants, trainers, or in-house trainers.

Application Process

FPSC has attempted to develop a thorough yet flexible accreditation process, a process that will allow for a wide variety of applications in a number of areas. This process recognizes the realities facing those that may wish to deliver FPSC training, and also acknowledges the needs of adult learners.

The qualification process developed by FPSC is relatively straight forward and economical. Those that wish to deliver FPSC courses as training partners or as qualified instructors are required to complete an application and a “self-audit” of the specific criteria for the particular course(s) in question.

Application Form

Organizations or individuals who wish to deliver any FPSC courses must complete the entire Training Qualification application and return it via email to Dayna Poulin prior to any courseware being released to the trainer.


Questions or concerns regarding the application process may be directed to the Accreditation Committee, attention to Dayna Poulin at 613-237-7988, or email: