The many services FPSC provides are designed to advance your careers, knowledge, and offer valuable resources for the industry. We offer endless opportunities for every level of worker in the Canadian food and beverage industry.

Succeeding at Work

Succeeding at Work is about finding an awesome job or a forever career in an industry that employs 1 in 8 Canadians. FOOD.
Succeeding at Work trains not just skills, but the person behind the skills. That’s YOU. It’s not just about getting a job… this is about keeping that new job and discovering opportunities in an industry that is always exciting and always growing.

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Canadian Food Processors Institute

Be introduced to the ease and convenience of online learning with the Canadian Food Processors Institute. Enjoy our suite of online courses, training materials, and certifications, all located on the user-friendly online portal.

Watch for the Institute as it launches in 2017! Contact us to learn about the products we offer.

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Customized Industry Training

Whether you need to fill in knowledge gaps, gain a competitive edge, or introduce an up to date curriculum in your post-secondary institution, we offer a number of opportunities to assist with your goals. Talk to us today to introduce a food related program in your post-secondary school, or to improve an existing course.

Many Canadian colleges and universities have already expanded their course offerings with our partnership!

We also have many expert-developed courses and training programs already in place for your staff and food processing facility. Whether you’re looking to improve food safety standards, sanitation, or allergens awareness, we have something to suit your needs.

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Standards & Skills Development

FPHRC has been working over the last year and a half to redefine employability skills in the food processing workplace. With this research, FPHRC is developing the industry’s first online library containing the technical skills and competencies required for all positions. These documents, available for download, are invaluable resources needed to improve your business and retain highly skilled employees.

Watch as the Skills Library is launched in 2017. Contact us to learn more.

Skills Library
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Professional Designations

If you want to enhance your career and be recognized for your skills, applying for one of our designations is the right choice. The Canadian Certified HACCP Professional (CCHP) designation exam recognizes your skills and knowledge in the 11 major skills areas.

The up-coming Online Gluten-Free Auditor Course and Certification Exam, administered by the Allergen Control Group Inc., ensures that staff are knowledgeable of the risk of allergens in a food processing facility, and will allow your company to gain trust among your customers after certification.

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Careers for New Canadians

The Pre-Arrival Food Safety Management Training Program has the potential to fill hundreds of jobs throughout the country with its high caliber of learning. The food safety and employability online courses we offer to individuals outside of Canada who have obtained Permanent Residency status from the Canadian government encourages employers to fill gaps and hire knowledgeable employees.

If you plan on immigrating to Canada and have obtained ‘Confirmation of Permanent Residence’ from the Canadian Government, you can apply to receive this training. In 30 days you will gain basic to technical food safety skills, as well as insight on what it is like to work in this great country.

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