Introduction to Preventive Control Plans Online Course

Do you ship within Canada or internationally? Are you the owner or manager of a micro, small, or medium food and beverage company? Are you an employee responsible for food safety plans within your business? Are you prepared for the Safe Food for Canadians Act? Do you have a Preventive Control Plan?

Be prepared! The Food Processing Human Resources Council (FPSC) has partnered with Safe Food Canada (SFC) to develop this Introduction to Preventive Control Plans online course to help identify the components and requirements of creating a Preventive Control Plan (PCP).

A key component of the Safe Food for Canadians Act is the requirement for most food businesses to have a written Preventive Control Plan. This requirement impacts food processing and packing facilities, as well as food importers and exporters.   While most food businesses have food safety plans, the PCP is a written plan outlining the measures and actions taken to ensure that food is safe.

Interactive and Engaging

Through an interactive, online approach, the Preventive Control Plan introduces the main elements of food safety hazard analysis and risk-based preventive control plans. It provides tools to help you develop and implement these plans in your operation. At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the roles of government, inspectors and food business operators in ensuring a safe food supply
  2. Identify how the food safety culture influences an operation
  3. Differentiate between three types of food safety hazards
  4. Identify preventive controls and describe components of a preventative control plan
  5. Use the work you’ve done in the course to provide a foundation for developing a preventive control plan

Assess yourself throughout the course by completing activities and quizzes.